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IntroductionC. Andrew GERSTLE and Timothy CLARK
Who Were the Audiences for Shunga?HAYAKAWA Monta
The Reception of Shunga in the Modern Era: From Meiji to the Pre-WWII YearsISHIGAMI Aki
Historiography of the °»Phallic Contest°… Handscroll in Japanese ArtAkiko YANO
Japanese Illustrated Erotic Books in the Context of Commercial Publishing, 1660-1868Ellis TINIOS
Affirming the Life Erotic: Yoshida Hanbei°«s Koshoku kinmo zui (1686)Alfred HAFT
Allegories of LoveJennifer PRESTON
Nishikawa Sukenobu: One Hundred Women, Two Stories, and a ReconsiderationAmaury A. GARCIA RODRIGUEZ
Tsukioka Settei°«s Erotic PaintingsYAMAMOTO Yukari
Analyzing the Outrageous: Takehara Shunchosai°«s Shunga Book Makura doji nukisashi manben tamaguki (Pillow Book for the Young, 1776)C. Andrew GERSTLE
Intertextual Divertissement, Sexual Education and Entertaining Humor: The World of Onna enshi kyokun kagamiLaura MORETTI
Kabuki Actors in Erotic Books (Shunpon)MATSUBA Ryoko
No Laughing Matter: A Ghastly Shunga Illustration by Utagawa ToyokuniHIGUCHI Kazutaka
Shunga in the Meiji Era: The End of a Tradition?Rosina BUCKLAND
Early Modern Secularism? Views on Religion in Seji kenbunroku (1816)Mark TEEUWEN
The Buddhist Faith of the Japanese Imperial Family after the Meiji RestorationTAKAGI Hiroshi
Japanese Archives: Sources for the Study of Tokugawa Administrative and Diplomatic HistoryLouis CULLEN
Rising Up and Saving the World: Ishii Juji and the Ethics of Social Relief during the Mid-Meiji Period (1880-1887)Tanya MAUS
How °»Religion°… Came to Be Translated as Shukyo: Shimaji Mokurai and the Appropriation of Religion in Early Meiji JapanHans Martin KRAMER
Japanese Philosophers Go West: The Effect of Maritime Trips on Philosophy in Japan with Special Reference to the Case of Watsuji Tetsuro (1889-1960)INAGA Shigemi
Diaries and Everyday Life in Colonial TaiwanHui-yu Caroline TS°«AI
REVIEW ARTICLE Origins of Japan°Ĺthe °∆Big Picture°« Revisited: A Review of New Plate Tectonics ResearchGina L. BARNES