63 Psalmanazar, George (1679?-1763)
An historical and geographical description of Formosa.1704.

AN Historical and Geographical DESCRIPTION OF FORMOSA, AN Island subject to the Emperor of Japan. GIVING An Account of the Religion, Customs, Manners, &c. of the Inhabitants. Together with a Relation of what happen'd to the Author in his Travels; particularly his Conferences with the Jesuits, and others, in several Parts of Europe. Also the History and Reasons of his Conversion to Christianity, with his Objections against it (in defence of Paganism) and their Answers. To which is prefix'd, A PREFACE in Vindication of himself from the Reflections of a Jesuit lately come from China, with an Account of what passed between them. By George Psalmanaazaar, a Native of the said Island, now in London. Illustrated with several Cuts.
LONDON: Printed for Dan. Brown, at the Black Swan without Temple-Bar; G. Strahan, and W. Davis, in Cornhill; and Fran. Coggan, in the Inner-Temple-Lane. 1704.
[1], [5], xiv, [1], 331, [5] p., [15] leaves of plates. 20 cm.


AN ACCOUNT OF THE TRAVELS OF Mr. George Psalmanaazaar, a Native of the Isle Formosa, thro' several parts of Europe; with the Reasons of his Conversion to the Christian Religion.p. 1-8.
A DESCRIPTION OF THE Isle FORMOSA. By Mr. George Psalmanaazaar.
Chap. II.Of the great Revolutions which have happen'd in the Island Formosa.p. 149-160.
Chap. III.Of the Religion of the Formosans.p. 167-169.
Chap. XV.Concerning their Manners and Customs.p. 218-221.
Chap. XVI.A Description of the Men in Formosa.p. 222-223.
Chap. XVII.Of the Cloaths worn in Formosa, by Ranks of People.p. 224-225.
Chap. XVIII.Of their Cities, Houses, Palaces, Castles.p. 238-242.
Chap. XXVII.Of the Language of the Formosans.p. 266-270.
Chap. XXIX.Of the Money of the Formosans.p. 278.
Chap. XXX.Of the Arms of the Japanners and Formosans.p. 281-283.
Chap. XXXI.Of the Musical Instruments of the Japannese and Formosans.p. 284-286.
Chap. XXXIII.Of the Liberal and Mechanial Arts in Japan.p. 289-294.
Chap. XXXV.Of the success of the Jesuits in propagating the Christian Faith in Japan, from 1549 to 1615. More especially of the Reasons of the Terrible Slaughter that was made of them about the Year 1616. And of the Law prohibiting Christians under pain of Death to come into Japan.p. 299-311.
Chap. XXXVI.Of the coming of Dutch into Japan, with their Success, and the Tricks they play'd.p. 311-317.
Chap. XXXVII.Of the new Devices of the Jesuits for getting into Japan.p. 318-322.
The CONCLUSION.p. 322-323.

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