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Montanus, Arnoldus[モンターヌス] Atlas Japannensis. [日本誌 英語版] 1670

SEFALE     p. 1 (i.e. p.11).
ST. HELENA.    p. 31.
De Logie op FIRANDO.    p. 36.
Aneract Portratura of the Castle and City BATAVIA Lying on the great Ilant JAVA Anno 1669. pp. 38/33 (i.e. 39).
PULO TYMON.    p. 42.
[Palace of the King of Cambodia.]    p. 44.
Lord of Firando's Castle.   p. 61.
The Lodge before NANGASAQUE on the Iland Schisma.   pp. 72/73.
[Japan Fishers and their manner of Fishing.]     p. 74.
[Sumptuous Apparel of the Japan ladies.]    p. 77.
[The Habit of the Japan Lords.]    p. 83.
[Apparel of the Souldiers.]     p. 85.  
[Fayfena, a Japan Pleasure-Boat.]     p. 87.
The Citty OSACCO.    pp. 88/89.
[The Temple of Devils.] p. 80(i.e. 90).
The Tempell of the Idoll Canon. p. 92.
[The Idol Canon.] p. 94.
[The Netherland Ambassadors travel from Osacca to Meaco.] p. 96.
[A new Idol Xantai, Nobunanga’s statue, and the ceremony of Nobunanga’ s son.] p. 98.
MIAKO pp. 98/99.
The Murdening of the Emperor CUBUS.   pp. 100/101.
[Japan Beggars.] p. 102.
[Japan Rusticks.] p. 105.
[Sacci Bonzi, Japan Priests.] p. 107.
[Lord of Bungien’s Soldiers.] p. 108.
[Self-murder to the honor of their Idols.] p. 109.
[The manner of the Japanners ripping up their own bellies.] p. 121(i.e. 113).
[Lepers.] p. 119.
[The Gate of Faccone and Sentinnels.] p. 121.
[The Temple of Apes in Japan.] p. 125.
Temple in the Kingdome VACCATA.    p. 131.
[The Idol Toranga.]    p. 132.
[The Japan Waggons.]    p. 133.
IEDO    pp. 134/135.
[The Temple of Amida.] p. 138.
TEMPLE with a thousand IMAJES. pp. 138/139.
[The Idol Xaca.] p. 141.
The Emperors Court at JEDO.    pp. 146/147.
Sepulchre of Niko oste Tomb of the present Emperors father. p. 149.
[Mourning Japanners.] p. 152.
[How the Japanners visit the souls of the deceas’d.] p. 156.
[The apes.] p. 160.
The Dayro's Court in Miaco. pp. 162/163.
[The Japan races.] p. 161 (i.e. 169).
[Idol Canon.] p. 177
[Mandocorosama’s Maid of Honor, carry’d in little two-Wheel’d Chariots.] p. 190.
[Tilting at a Carv’d Head for the entertainment.] p. 193.
[Quabacondono’s death.] p. 198.
[Images of the Tartars Han and Deva, by them worshipp’d as Gods.] p. 207.
[The habit of a common Citizen of Japan.] p. 217.
[The Castle Osacca stormed.] p. 236.
[The persecution of the Christians.] p. 253.
[How the Japanners are us’d to proclaim the Christians the day before they burn them.] p. 257.
The boyling water of SINGOCK. pp. 266/267.
[The Empress locked up by Toxogunsama.]    p. 273.
Dayboths Temple.    pp. 278/279.
[The worshipping of the Devil brought from China to Japan.] p. 283.
[The Bonzies Preaching.] p. 292.
[The Japan Wrestlers.] p. 295.
[The wild Japan-Bonzies.] p. 298.
The Castle of OSACCA. pp. 300/301.
The great TEMPLE without SACCAY.    pp. 302/303.
[Japan Fisher-men how cloth’d.] p. 308.
[Apparel of the Inhabitants on the Island Bungo.] p. 298 (i.e. 310).
[The Netherlanders are surprised, and all taken prisoners.] p. 321.
[The King at Fitachi and the Hollanders.] p. 325.
[The Habit of the Japan Knights.] p. 326.
[The Hollanders Ferrying over.] p. 327.
[The Japan Musicians.] p. 329.
[The Jesuits and the Japanners before the Magistrate.] p. 333.
[The Japan Whores.] p. 351.
[The Hollanders and four Jesuits questioned by the Council.]    p. 357.
1, Ink. 2, Emperors mark on the peeces of Ink. 3, Marks of the Emperors officiers. 4, Writing pensell with a seall. 5, Copper or silver case. 6, Carved images. 7, Pencell to temper the ink withall. 8, a Box. 9, Little glas to temper the water in. 10, Box in with the ink leyes. 11, Case for the pencells. 11, Theyr way of writing.    p. 363.
[A Japan Lady of Honor attended by a great train of servants.]    p. 367.
[A Japan Gentleman.]    p. 369.
1,The seall of Jedo. 2, Of Osacca. 3, Of Miaco. 4, Of Quano. 5,a Pennant with the Emperors arms and marks of his Chieff Counsell. 6, a Great scollupt flagg.   p. 374.
Earthquake at JEDO.     pp. 382/383.
The Emperors THRONE  pp. 384/385.
Japan toomes or burring places. pp. 388/389.
[Apparel of the Inhabitants of Tonsa.]     p. 392.
Ceremonie of theyr Merridge     pp. 404/405.
[The Harbore-Bonzi.] p. 407.
a Portrature of the fyer at JEDO. pp. 408/409.
The Citty SACCAI pp. 418/419.
The Lordship and Castle DAYMATS   p. 431.
[The stately Apparel of Japan Gentlewomen.] p. 437.
The Lordship ONNAYS. p. 440.
[Apparel of the prime Japanners]  p. 442.
1, Burning sulfer Mountaine. 2, Stremes of Sulfer. 3, The Mayne land. 4, Japan Interpretor. 5, Musquetier and ingrauer. pp. 446/447.
The Citty Ounewari with the Castle. p. 451.
CANGOXUMA    pp. 466/467.
Gouernor of Miaco's Proyres. pp. 472/473.
Pauromama or Mount of Pleasure. pp. 476/477.
The Reception of the AMBASSADOURS.    pp. 478/479.


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