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Benyowsky, Maurice[ベニョフスキー] Memoirs and travels. 2 vols.[航海記] 1790

Plate I. Plan of the BATTLE of LELKI. Vol. 1. p. 14. BATTLE of GRODEK. Vol. 1.p. 22. The ATTACK and Battle of ZUANIECZ. Vol. 1. p. 26. Battle of BRAHA. Vol. 1. p. 29. Battle of ZUKA. Vol. 1. p. 34.
Plate II. Vol. I. Carriage drawn by Dogs; used at Kamchatka. Mentioned page 149, of Vol: I.
Plate V. Vol. I. No. 1. The Entrance of the River BOLSHA. No. 2. The BAY MAURICE on Beerings Island. Vol. 1. p. 306.
Plate VI. Vol. I. No. I. Beerings Island seen in the N: E. quarter. Vol: 1. p: 305. No. II. The Kurilles Islands, bearing from S.S.E to SW1/4S. Vol: 1. p: 303.
Plate VII. Vol. I. No. I. Head Land of Kamchatka seen to the Northward supposed to be Cape. Apackazana. Vol: 1st. page 320. No. II. Land in sight May 29. 1771. Vol: 1st. page 320.
Vol: 1. Plate VIII. Land in Sight June 1. 1771. Vol: 1. p: 324. Land in Sight June 3. 1771. Vol: 1. p: 325.
Vol: 1. Plate IX. View of the Land from the Anchoring Place. Vol: 1. p: 326. Aladar Sound, in which the St. Peter and St. Paul moored June 6th. 1774. See Vol: 1. p: 327.
Vol: 1. Plate X. High Land in Sight. June 9th. 1771. Vol: 1. p: 330. Land in the N.E quarter. June 10th. 1771. Vol: 1. p: 331.
Vol: 1. Plate XI. Cape Alaksina homin; seen in the S E quarter. Vol: 1. p: 333. View of the Island Urumusir (the middle) bearing South, distance 2 Leagues. Vol: 1. Page 339.
Pl: XIII. Vol: I. The order of the Japanese March.
Plate XIV. Vol. I. No. I. A Plan of the BAY of USILPATCHAR. Vol. 1. p. 387. No. II. The Island & Harbor TACASIMA. Vol. 1. p. 418. No. III. The Sound of USMAY LIGON. Vol. 1. p. 422. No. IV. Inscription mentioned Vol. I. p. 405.


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