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Thunberg, Carl Peter[トゥンベリ] Travels in Europe, Africa, and Asia. 4 vols. [ヨーロッパ・アフリカ・アジア紀行(1770~1779年) 全4巻] 1796

PLATE I. Fig. 1. A Caffre’s NECKLACE of shells, with a turtle shell depending from it. 2. A Javanese KRIS in its scabbard. 3. A Hottentot musical instrument called Korà. (i.e.) Fig. 1. A Japanese Slipper. These are used every day in common, instead of Shoes. 2. Another, which is used on Journies, and is tied fast round the foot. 3. A Horse-Shoe, which is tied round the foot. 4. A Rasor-Case. a. The Case itself, for two Razors, and b. the Razor. 5. A Medicine-Box, with several compartments in it. a. The Box, with its partitions. b. The Cord, by which it is supported. c. The Ball, by which it is made fast to the belt.
PLATE II. Fig. 1. A WUDONG, or Javanese Knife, in its sheath. 2. The blade of a WUDONG drawn out of its sheath. 3. A Javanese strait KRIS drawn out of its scabbard and damasked. 4. A Javanese undulated KRIS drawn out of its scabbard. 5&6. A Javanese BADI, or Dagger, with its sheath. (i.e.) Fig. 1. A Japanese Lady, with a. her Lute, in her usual dress. 2. Touche, or Japan-Ink, with which the Japanese and Chinese usually write, and which they use instead of ink. 3. A Box, which contains a. a Reckoning-board, with moveable Counters, strung upon a steel-wire, denoting Units and Decimals; b. a Steel-yard, together with its Scale, and c. the Weight hanging to it; d. e. an excavated Stone to rub the Touche upon; f. a little Trough, for holding water for that use, and g. a Writing-pencil.
PLATE III. Fig. 1. A Javanese SABRE in its scabbard. 2. The SCABBARD, when the saber is drawn out of it. 3. A Hottentot STRING of differently coloured glass beads to wear about the neck. (i.e.) Fig. 1. A Steel-yard with its Cafe. a. The Case, which shuts up with great ease and convenience. b. The Steel-yard itself, formed of ivory. c. The Scale with its Strings. d. The Strings, by which the Steel-yard is held, when used. e. The Weight. 2. A Tooth-brush, of soft wood, to clean the teeth with. 3. A common Writing-pencil, made of a reed and hare’s hair. 4. A Spring Steel-yard, or Weight upon a Spring, which is very elastic, for weighing smaller articles.
PLATE IV. Fig. 1. A Hottentot string of Beads to wear about the body, formed of cylindrical pieces of glass of various colours. 2. A Hottentot string of glass beads of various colours. 3. Pinang Scissars. (i.e.) Fig. 1. A Tobacco-pouch, with a Pipe and its Sheath. a. The Pipe-sheath, made of silk. b. The Pipe in its sheath. c. The Pipe made of a reed, with a mouth-piece and bowl of metal. d. The Tobacco-pouch, made of silk. 2. A Case for Instruments for the Ears and Teeth. a. The Case, made of horn. b. The String, by which it is fastened to the belt. c. Ornaments of Silk. d. Divers small Instruments, to clean the ears and teeth with.


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