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Montanus, Arnoldus[モンターヌス] GEDENKWAERDIGE GESANTSCHAPPEN DER Oost-Indische Maetschappy in 't Vereenigde Nederland, AEN DE KAISAREN van JAPAN.[東インド会社遣日使節紀行 オランダ語版] 1669

SEFALE    p. 11.
St. HELENA. p. 22.
De Logie op FIRANDO. p. 28.
Ware affbeeldinge Wegens het Casteel ende Stadt BATAVIA gelegen opt groot Eylant JAVA Anno 1669. pp. 30/31.
PULO TYMON. p. 33.
[Palace of the King of Cambodia.]   p. 34.
De Logie voor NANGASACKI op t Eylandt Schisma pp. 52/53.
[Japanese Fishers.]     p. 54.
[Japanese ladies.]    p. 57.
[Japanese clothing.]    p. 63.
[Outfit of Japanese Soldiers.]     p. 65.  
[Fayfena, a Japan Pleasure-Boat.]     p. 67.
De Stadt OSACCO. pp. 68/69.
[The Temple of Devils.] p.70.
[The Idol Canon.] p. 73.
[The Dutch Ambassadors travel from Osacca to Miaco.] p. 76.
[A new Idol Xantai and Nobunaga’s statue.] p. 77.
MIAKO. pp. 78/79.
t Vermoorde vande Keyser CUBUS. pp. 78/79.
[Japanese Beggars.] p. 81.
[Japanese farmers.] p. 83.
[Sacci Bonzi, Japanese Priests.] p. 85.
[Cavalier of the lord of Bungo.] p. 86.
[Self-murder in the honor of their Idols.] p. 87.
[Seppuku.] p. 91.
[Persons suffering from leprosy.] p. 69(i.e.96).
[The Harbori-bonsi.] p. 98.
[The Gate of Faccone.] p. 101.
[How the Japanese visit the souls of the deceased.] p. 102.
Tempel int Koninckryck Vaccata. p. 107.
[The Idol Toranga.]    p. 108.
[Japanese palanquin.]    p. 109.
IEDO    pp. 110/111.
[The Temple of Amida.] p. 114.
TEMPEL met Duysend BEELDEN. pp. 116/117.
[The Idol Xaca.] p. 118.
s Kysers hof te JEDO. pp. 121/122.
Sepulture van Niko ofte Graft van dese Keysers vader. p. 125.
[Mourning Japanners.] p. 128.
[The Temple of Apes in Japan.] p. 132.
[Apes.] p.136.
t Hof van den DAYRO te MIAKO. pp. 138/139.
[Japanese horse races.] p. 146.
[Statue of Canon.] p. 154
[Mandocorosama’s lady in waiting.] p. 168.
[Tilting at a Carved wooden Head.] p.171.
[Quabacondono’s death.] p.175.
[Images of the Tartars Han and Deva, by them worshipped as Gods.] p. 184.
[The clothing of a common Citizen of Japan.] p. 194.
[Osaka Castle stormed.] p. 212.
[The persecution of the Christians.] p. 229.
[How the Japanners are used to proclaim the Christians the day before they burn them.] p. 232.
t Ziedende water van SINGOCK. pp. 240/241.
[The Empress locked up by Toxogunsama.]    p. 247.
Tempel van DAJBOTH. pp. 248/249.
[The worshipping of the Devil.] p. 256.
[Preaching Bonsii.] p. 264.
[Japanese Wrestlers.] p. 267.
[Wild Bonsii.] p. 270.
Afbeeldinge vant Maghtich Keyserlyc Casteel Osacca geleegen int groot Ryck Jappan besuyden de Stadt Osacca inde provinsie Qioo. pp. 272/273.
De Groote TEMPEL Buyten Saccay. pp. 274/275.
[Japanese Fishermen.] p.280.
[Clothing of the Inhabitants of Bungo.] p. 282.
[The Dutch are taken prisoner.] p.291.
[The Dutch appear before the King of Fitachi.] p. 295.
[Clothing of Japanese warriors.] p. 296.
[The Dutch travel to Edo.] p.298.
[Japanese Musicians.] p.300.
[Interrogation of the Jesuits and the Dutch.] p.304.
[Japanese Prostitutes.] p. 321.
[The Hollanders and four Jesuits questioned by the Council.]    p. 327.
[Japanese Writing tools.]      p. 334.
[A Japanese Lady of Honor attended by a great train of servants.]    p. 338.
[A Japanese Gentleman.]        p. 340.
[Japanese coat of arms.]     p. 345.
Aertbeevinge tot JEDO. pp. 352/353.
[The Emperor’s THRONE.] pp. 356/357.
Iapanse Begraef Plaetsen. pp. 360/361.
[Clothing of the Inhabitants of Tonsa.]     p. 363.
Ceremonie van haer TROUWEN. pp. 374/375.
[The Idol Pussa.] p. 377.
Afbeeldinghe van de Brandt tot JEDO. pp. 380/381.
De Stadt SACCAI. pp. 388/389.
De Heerlyckhydt en Casteel DAYMATS. p. 401.
[Clothing of highborn Japanese.] p. 407.
De Heerlyckhydt ONNAYS. p. 410.
[Clothing of Japanese Gentlewomen.]  p. 412.
[Eruption of a Volcano.] pp. 416/417.
De Stadt OUNEWARI met het CASTEEL. p. 421.
CANGOXUMA. pp. 438/439.
Uyt Rydinge vande Gouverneur van MIAKO. pp. 442/443.
Pauromama VREUGDENBERG   pp. 444/445.
t Inhalen vand’ AMBASSADEURS. pp. 448/449.


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